Services we provide:


We offer you and independent assessment on the legality of the properties you are looking into buying by;

  • Analysing the documentation available.
  • Translating the documents provided in full or summarizing them
  • Explaining the significance of the information gathered
  • Informing you on other documents you may need to obtain
  • Assisting you in finding a solicitor in the area



We can provide you with a list of properties for sale which we have already assessed as well as offering a property finding service as we have some properties that have not been listed as discretion was requested.

If you find one of our properties suitable for you, we would recommend that you obtain assistance from an independent translator and solicitor as your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us.


There are various types of surveys available ranging from simple visual inspections through condition surveys of the property to full structural surveys with a geotechnical study of the existing ground conditions.

The most common type of survey for potential buyers is a condition survey which would involve the visual inspection of the structure looking for signs of movement or settlement, inspection of the condition of the roof, the condition of finishes internally and externally looking for signs of damp penetration or any signs of wood rot or deterioration of the wooden elements of the building, presence of cracks internally and externally and finally looking at the condition of the installations: Water, Electric, Gas, Sewage system and any Solar installations.

During the inspection other items may become apparent for example where the property may have been extended or altered previously.

Other inspections can include swimming pools, water deposits, garages, etc. the full extent of the survey would depend on the requirements of individual buyers.


We can assist you by:

  • Accompanying you in visiting the properties you are looking at in order to assist you in talking directly with neighbours and local people
  • Helping you to obtain an NIE number (Spanish registration number for foreigners), necessary for the purchase
  • Attending the bank with you in order to open an account or clarify the mortgage conditions
  • Assisting you at the notary when signing the deeds

Later on, once a property owner, there will be different situations in which you may need assistance in communicating;

  • Attending government offices
  • Fully understanding official letters  
  • Dealing with service providers
  • Discussing any issue with neighbours
  • Health care 


As translators, we have gathered experience in many different situations. We can now share this experience with you, help you understand the cultural differences and recommend you when you need professional advice. We have contacts with professionals in different fields we can introduce to you.