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Buying a house in Novelda, Alicante, Spain - 

Novelda is a little off the normal tourist route, approx. 25km west of Alicante, but well worth a visit as it is a fine example of the beautiful charm and landscape the Costa Blanca has to offer away from the coastal tourist areas.


The town is thought to have been settled by the Greeks and later controlled by Carthaginians, Romans and Moors who were eventually defeated by a son of Ferdinand III of Castile. (Ferdinand’s daughter Eleanor married Edward I of England, whom every successive English monarch can trace his or her ancestry back to).


The town of Novelda has important quarries and mines of marble making it a major centre of the industry but it also has important quarries and mines of limestone, silica, clay and gypsum.

Famous as the “Spanish capital of marble”, Novelda hosts the Spanish marble industry and has many perfectly decorated marble buildings. At first glance, you might assume you are in a modern city but there is a lot of 17th century architecture especially around many of the main city plazas.


Places of interest include the;

Museum of Modernism, 24 Carrer Mayor – a perfectly preserved “art nouveau” house with three floors of exemplary examples of original 1920 décor and artefacts from the floors to the ceilings.

Number 6 Carrer Mayor houses the Centro Cultural Gomez Tortosa – a “modernist style” house incorporating the office of tourism, who can supply a good street map.

Continue down Carrer Mayor and you will find the church of San Pedro on your right and on the left the magnificent town hall with a beautifully restored façade.

This is probably the best street to start your walk around this beautiful old town.


Just outside the city (3km NW)  is the 19th century monastery of Santa Maria Magdalena, which has a most impressive church designed by a disciple of Antoni Gaudi and next to it the Moorish castle of La Mola whose  origin dates from the 12th century and had a unique triangular tower built during reforms in the 14th century.

Close to the monastery, and well worth a visit, is the Bodega Casa Cesilia where you can enjoy a wine production tour before a wine tasting experience and enjoying some delicious food in their restaurant. 

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